Tim Lane Believes Algieri Will Dominate Pacquiao


    algieri_pc_141106_003aThe Algieri camp has continuously used the phrase “master boxer” to describe their mental approach against Manny Pacquiao. Their game plan to defeat Pacquiao is to utilize their size advantage and boxing skills. Algieri believes he will be able to counteract anything Pacquiao brings to the table in every round of the fight.

    Algieri told Tha Boxing Voice, “I never prepare for close fights. I prepare for tough fights, but I’m preparing to win every round. That’s what I want to do. I want to win every round and leave no doubt.”

    Tim Lane also believes Algieri will be able to outpoint Pacquiao for the majority of the fight. Lane stated, “I see this fight being a lopsided fight, and Chris possibly stopping Manny. I don’t see the fight being competitive.”

    Lane has been more convinced that his prediction will come true when he found out the size of the ring will be 20ft. Lane explained to Secondsout.com “Chris Algieri will be able to fight in a 20ft ring as oppose to a 16ft ring, which is what he’s always fought in. You can’t be a master boxer in a small ring. Anyone who has ever been great in boxing, and has been able to box and use all their skills in boxing, has been in a big ring.”

    Lane is right to a certain extent, that the bigger ring, the more it plays into Algieri’s style, but whether his predictions comes true remains to be seen. Algieri will be entering the ring as a seven to one underdog, and plans to prove a lot of people wrong by scoring an upset victory over Pacquiao in Macau, China.