Tim Lane Explains Why Algieri Will Beat Pacquiao


    Algieri-Macau-Arrival_140823_001aTim Lane is confident heading that his fighter Chris Algieri will defeat Manny Pacquiao as date gets near. “Chris Algieri does well in all aspects of life, he is a great student, great personality, he vibes off of other people, he gets their great energy and feeds off that.” Earlier this year at AT&T Park in San Francisco Lane confided to me that Algieri is a “real-life superhero” explaining that he always comes through, so why would this be different.

    Another key factor for Lane is Chris Algieri’s lifestyle from the food he eats to the choices he makes outside of the ring, Algieri behaves accordingly. After the Ruslan Provodnikov fight, Lane explains that the media attention for this fight is not daunting since it is very familiar to the aforementioned fight. “We are living in the moment,” said Lane as he talks about the experience.

    Lane expresses that the camp started off perfect from the first day. As an example they have a gym and hotel room set up at the Palazzo to accommodate the camps needs. “We have the gym set up there, the room right there, everything is very convenient.”

    Algieri’s camp is incredibly public as Saturday pays homage to a open public sparring session. Lane explains why this happens. “What happens is a lot of times a lot of fighters [like myself], I am retired now, need to seclude themselves because a lot of things in life I wasn’t great at.” Lane continued by using a metaphor of swimming and that he could excel in certain places, but others he would struggle to swim as well. To Lane, Algieri defies this rule as he is good anywhere he goes.

    As for a prediction Lane explains “I don’t think it will go the distance, I think Chris will stop him.”