Todd Duboef Says Talk with Mayweather at WBC Convention Was Not About Pacquiao


    downloadMuch was made about the few minute conversation Todd Duboef had with Floyd Mayweather yesterday at the WBC convention. But Duboef wants everyone to calm down as business was not discussed.

    “My conversation with Floyd Mayweather was from 1996 when we signed him as an Olympian, totally social, purely friendship, nothing about business,” Duboef told ESNEWS. “Floyd and I are very good friends. We have a long relationship and if anything happens with business between the two of us again, everybody will know if we do.”

    Mayweather has made demands and has been very vocal this week about wanting to fight Duboef’s biggest star on the Top Rank stable, Manny Pacquiao. Whether it’s the drug testing or the money, Duboef would not be bothered with the big gorilla in the room of Mayweather-Pacquiao

    “I’m not going to get engage it,” explained Duboef. “Whatever he want he wants, its neither here nor there. I’m at the WBC dinner, seen an old friend of mine. Together we had a great project for over 12 years, he went his own way, he did his thing, and he’s a terrific fighter. I take a lot of pride in the product we’ve built but I love him and his family.”

    Another fighter that’s trying to go his own way is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. While Duboef would not comment on the legal matters, he does feel people might be poaching Top Rank’s hard work.

    “That’s being litigated now, so its legal stuff so I really don’t want to comment on that,” explained Duboef. “You know Julio has had a long relationship with us as well. Again I felt like we build the product, people like to take the products we built, run with it and try to make business with it and that’s just the business I’m used to it.”

    Mayweather is the biggest star in the sport of boxing and Duboef felt that he would be this big when he first signed him in 1996.

    “I did imagine he’d be as big as he is. Floyd’s smile and charm and boxing ability, I remember seeing Sugar Ray Leonard as a child and he had the same charm and charisma. He may not have the gold medal but he’s done a great job promoting himself and we’ve done a great job together.”