Tom Loeffler: ‘The Winner of Cotto-Canelo Must Face Golovkin’


    Golovkin-with-Fans-Sample-Gallery-01This past Saturday at the StubHub Center in Carson California, Gennady Golovkin eradicated Marco Antonio Rubio in the second round.

    In a bout that many analysts predicted to go to at least the halfway point, Golovkin wanted none of that.

    With all due respect to both parties involved, Marco Antonio Rubio did not show up to fight on Saturday. Golovkin seemingly admitted so in the post-fight interview when HBO’x Max Kellerman asked if Golovkin expected Rubio to get up after the knockdown.

    “Yes, the first time was not a very hard punch,” added Golovkin.”

    Tom Loeffler is the founder and managing director of K2 Promotions. Loeffler, though, had nothing but respect for Rubio.

    “Rubio is a tough guy. He went 12 rounds with Chavez,” said Loeffler. “With that type of performance there is nobody at middleweight that can go 12 rounds with Gennady.”

    With the knockout, Golovkin extends his knockout streak to 18.

    “I do not see that streak stopping any time soon,” added Loeffler.

    Loeffler also praised Golovkin’s marketing talents. During his post-fight interview, Golovkin spoke briefly in Spanish, which sent the crowd cheering.

    “He understands marketing and he is one of the easiest to work with,” said Loeffler.

    Golovkin speaks Kazakh, German, Russian, and English fluently. His trainer Abel Sanchez has taught him the Spanish he knows thus far and is working on adding Spanish into his stable of fluency.

    Marco Antonio Rubio had the WBC Interim Middleweight title coming into the fight with Golovkin. With that title no longer in his possession, either Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez will have to fight Golovkin.

    It is appearing more likely that Cotto will fight Alvarez at some point next season, most likely in May. The winner of that fight would be the mandatory and would have to face Golovkin or vacate the title.

    Fighters like Sergio Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Felix Sturm have wanted nothing to do with Golovkin and who can blame them, although a fight with Chavez would certainly generate plenty of PPV.

    “That is why we give Rubio a lot of credit because he was one of the few that accepted the challenge to get in the ring with him,” said Loeffler.

    Loeffler also mentioned the possibility of Golovkin moving up to super-middleweight to fight Carl Froch in the U.K., but something tells me that Froch does not want the fight.

    “Just swerve Golovkin like the plague. He punches like a mule,” said Froch. “I do not need to be in with him, dangerous fight.”

    So there you have it, Carl Froch will probably never fight Gennady Golovkin. It will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate.