Tony Harrison on Antwone Smith: “I Think He’s On His Last Legs”



CyberStationUSA’s “Last Call” interviewed blue chip prospect Tony Harrison (19-0, 16 KO’s) in which he discusses his upcoming fight with Antwone Smith (23-5, 12 KO’s). The fight, which takes place in a little over a week will be the main event on the Friday Night Fights broadcast on ESPN 2.

Leading up to March 6th, Tony Harrison does not mince words when discussing his competition. He expects a desperate fighter in Smith, a fighter that is looking to save his career. Harrison insists that it will be business as usual.

“My game plan doesn’t change… I think he’s on his last legs… He knows he needs this win bad to stay relevant in the game, so all the pressure’s on him. Tony Harrison is just gonna go in there and do what Tony Harrison does… dominate the fight and try to stop the fight early.”

He then continued regarding his expectation of a brawl.

“If you know his fight history, he goes in there and he bangs. If you look at my history, I knock everybody out so… I can’t knock nobody out runnin’”

As an Al Haymon fighter, it would be easy for the young Harrison to allow visions of future fights on NBC and CBS to dance around in his head. With this step-up in both competition and fight profile, Harrison does expect big things in the future, but for now he refuses to get ahead of himself. His focus was strictly on Antwone Smith.

“Nobody sits down with Al [Haymon] if they don’t win, so my main focus is to win the fight, to get past March 6th before I take it to March 7th.”

It wasn’t all business and bombast from Tony Harrison. As a former protege’ of the late, great legend Emanuel Steward, he took a moment to assure the world that the legend’s teachings were still informing how he conducts himself in the ring to this very day.

“All of these opportunities come because of what he had… what his role was… He’s still workin’… He’s always gonna be by my side. Everything I do, everything that happens, I think about him, his words, his fire you know. He gave me a lotta wisdom… he’s never left.”

You can see Tony Harrison fight Antwone Smith live on ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights, from The MGM Grand on March 6th.