Trainer: Broner Wants Burns Next, Would Welcome A Brandon Rios Fight


    Adrien Broner’s trainer Mike Stafford recently joined to discuss all things Broner, past, present, and future.

    With the increasing spotlight placed on elite trainers and the impact there on their fighters, its comes as no surprise the accolades Stafford is receiving, following the exploits of Broner Stafford’s stock and recognition is soaring at the moment.

     The lifelong trainer of Broner, with 20 years experience in the game, admitted,” I would say it’s my breakout year for the people that don’t know me,” commenting on his current plaudits.

    Stafford then went on to give a little insight of his star pupil, and how he is fast becoming one of the more divisive personalities in boxing today.

    “Adrien’s been used to fighting guys bigger than him and older than him all his life. This has progressed to him being so vocal because he has been around older boxers. “I think its just confidence than him just talking too much.”

    On discussing Broner’s future plans,Stafford seems to be from the old school frame of mind of building legacy and unifying titles in his vision for Broner. He showed reverence for the ring magazine title many top level fighters dismiss in this day and age.

    “We may go for Rick Burns and unify the belts. It would be nice to go for the ring title,” Stafford eluded.  “Ring magazine is something special.”

    There wasn’t the usual tendency to name the highest profile fighters its clearStaffordwant to leave no stone unturned and have Broner dominate all divisions he passes through. He did express regret that they left the junior lightweight division earlier than he would have liked.

    Considering the perception of Broner many people are surprised how attentive Broner is toStafford’s instructions and coaching. When asked if there was every any issues in their history he eluded: “I’ve been with him since he was 6. I think he’s got used to it, we work on different things, on how were going to beat different guys.”

    Its clear the success of there relationship is built on mutual trust and respect and thatStaffordallows Broner to significant input as opposed to strictly follow instructions.

    “He’s like a coach inside the ring,”Staffordcontinued. “Basically we are on the same page”.

    When asked about potential opponents in the 140 division the conversation found itself to Brandon Rios: This is a matchup that is intriguing to the general public. On a perspective matchup between Broner and Rios Stafford eluded:

    “Gotta be careful, he can punch and he can take a punch, but I don’t think over a series of punches that Adrien usually does,” he said boldly.

    “Adrien doesn’t waste a lot of punches, Rios he wastes lots of punches, he throws a lot of punches and that takes it toll of out him. Adrien is precision.”

    To summarize his view he declared, “Adrien is special and special always overcomes a good fighter.”

    Further demonstrating his preferred path for Broner he went on the mention, “The only thing with Rios is he doesn’t have a title, When we on TV we fight for titles or to defend our titles.”

    Broner didn’t have a spectacular amateur career but his success again demonstrates not everyone peaks at the same point, in remembering when he knew he had something special with Broner, Stafford reminisced following a defeat to current IBF Bantemwieght champion Leo Santa Cruz.

    “There was something that turned the light on him and he was like a vicious animal. He went to training camp with the junior Olympics, in training camp he was tearing everyone up, I guess maybe he got a little cautious in the Leo fight.”

    Some legal troubles caused him to eventually miss the Olympics butStaffordknew what kind of talent he had on his hands.

    In discussing the future prospects of another of his fighters, 3- time Olympian and U.S.A Olympic captain Rau’shee Warren, Stafford bemoaned the lack of exposure for the lower weight classes under 130 pounds.

    With recent controversies regarding the prospects of the American amateur team,Staffordfirm put the responsibility on Promoters to correctly discover and develop talent, similar to how he has ensured Broner has been developed.

    The conclusion to the interview gave us the clearest insight into his approach mentality and some of the reasons for Broner’s success. “I love this game, I love what I do. I do the things I do for the kids. To keep the kids off the corner, everything else comes with that.”


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