Trout: Williams isn’t deserving of the fight yet


Austin Trout25-year-old Julian Williams defended his WBC Continental Americas super welterweight title with a stunning first-round stoppage of a battle-tested Luciano Leonel Cuello last Tuesday.

The bout served as the headliner on Premier Boxing Champions Toe-to-Toe Tuesdays on Fox Sports 1.

The incredible performance renewed calls for former titlist Austin Trout, 30, to get in the ring with the young slugger.

Just before the fight, Trout said that he wasn’t interested in fighting Williams because it wouldn’t be the right career move for him. His tune changed pretty quick after the fight, as he confronted Williams in the middle of an interview with Tha Boxing Voice’s Joshua Grayfer, leaving the door open for a fight down the road.

“Congrats on that fight,” Trout told Williams.

As the conversation continued, the two began to talk about the future.

“I have no problem getting in there with the top, trying to the best,” Trout added.

This implied that Williams, from Trout’s view, is not worthy of the fight just yet.

Williams, as expected, had his say.

“Listen, I don’t dislike you. I respect how you came up and all that,” Williams asserted. “Like I said, we’re both for Al [Haymon], it’s an easy fight to make. You know the money is going to be right because we’re both for Al. Let’s do it.”

“There’s no point in sitting around and waiting and then you want to keep fighting Joey Hernandez [who Williams beat soundly for sh– money,” Williams added.

The comment seemed to infuriate Trout, who raised his eyebrow as he looked towards the ground in disbelief that he was just majorly dissed.

“Absolutely not,” Trout said as he clenched his lips together.

“I didn’t want to fight this dude!” Williams responded.

“High-risk, you gotta get the high reward. That’s what gonna happen. There’s no problem with it,” Trout replied.

What more can Julian Williams do to prove that he is deserving of the fight? We’ll have to wait and see.