Tyson Fury Has A Demolition Plan In Store For Cunningham, Says Price Was a Disaster Waiting To Happen


    Tyson Fury made his grand introduction to the American boxing media last week at the kick-off press conference promoting his fight with Steve Cunningham. He hopes to make his grand introductions to the American public when he fights Cunningham on April 20th in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden on national television on NBC.

    Fury was a guest last week on ThaBoxingVoice radio show and certainly wasn’t short on confidence when speaking of his opponent on April 20th.

    “I’m worried about working him. I’m worried about doing permanent damage on him because he is that small. I’m thinking about holding some of my punches because he does have a wife and kids. He’s a believer in Jesus Christ. Should I take it easy on him? I don’t know, only time will tell. That’s the only thing I’m bothered with Steve Cunningham, how much damage I’m going to inflict on him. He doesn’t bring much that I haven’t seen before. He’s got a bit boxing skill and he moves around and he’s experienced but I seen that before. He’s not a one punch knockout artist, not super fast, but I won’t take him likely but the odds are on, we’re not going to win,” Fury told ThaBoxingVoice.com

    Fury is one of a few big UK heavyweights that are planning to jump on the top of the heavyweight scene. Cunningham, while being a natural cruiserweight, would be considered Fury’s best opposition to date and a test on the big stage. In boxing, one punch can change everything, especially in the heavyweight division. The question was posed to Fury, whether he was weary of falling victim to an upset like his counterpart David Price was a few weeks back when Tony Thompson knocked Price out in the second round.

    He responded by saying, “No, I’m not worried because the difference between me and Price is, Price can’t take a punch and I can. The difference between me and Price is, I’m a true bred fighter and Price is not, and if people would have listened to me from the beginning, they would have saved a lot of messing around and saved a lot of money building this kid. He was just a guy knocking out bums when he was a disaster waiting to happen all along.”

    Regarding the level of opposition picked for Price that night, Fury stated, “They picked the oldest guy in the top 10 in Tony Thompson, it was a big mistake. He was very out of shape and old, he looked disgusting. He lost to Wladimir Klitschko in 5 rounds, by heavy knockout. A guy 6 foot 8 250 lbs with punching power in the prime of his life should be able to deal with tony Thompson. But he didn’t do that, did he? Shows you how much of a fraud he is. Not to worry because after I’m done with Cunningham, I can deal with Thompson as well because he’s had a lot to say and let’s hope it was worth it because he can have a good beating as well after I’m done with Cunningham.”

    Fury sends a fair warning to guys like Thompson and others who think it will be as easy as fighting what he calls an overhyped prospect.

    “Everybody thinks they can do a number on me, I must look like a pushover, and it must be my good looks or something. 20 people have tried already and 20 have failed. I talk a lot but I can back up what I’m saying. I’m confident because I can fight and can do what I say I can do, and I will show everyone what I can do April 20th.”

    That’s the date he hopes to become a main stay here in the states and he intends to do so at the hands of Steve Cunningham.

    “I just introduced myself to America. I told him what I was going to do to him. It’s my big opportunity to shine like the star that I am. I’ve had the right preparation, I wish the fight was tonight and not April 20th but good things come to those who wait and wait I will because when I get my hands on Steve Cunningham, I’m going to do a demolition job on him.”


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