Vanes Martirosyan and Erislandy Lara Trade Words


    Screenshot_2014-08-19-15-15-53_1-300x206It has been almost four years since Vanes Martirosyan and Erislandy Lara fought to a draw and a rematch never happened which was fine in many boxing fans eyes but tension between the two fighters seems to be far from over.

    Within the past two days Martirosyan and Lara have shot verbal jabs at one another via social media.

    “In our fight Lara dressed like a Mexican,” said Martirosyan. “That didn’t work in Canelo fight. [He] changed his name to the ‘American Dream.’ [Just]be yourself bitch!”

    “Lara begged Canelo and now all of a sudden Lara is acting like Canelo did. [Laughs] Looks like I gotta get on stage after his next fight.”

    Martirosyan was asked if he would fight Lara and with his response he took a shot at the Cuban fighter which got a response from Lara.

    “I will fight Lara but he does not want to fight me. He is begging Canelo (for a rematch).”

    “You fight [on]on ESPN,” said Lara.

    Martirosyan reminded Lara that before he fought Canelo he fought on ESPN as well.

    “Bitch, you and fat ads remember you were on ESPN before you decided to beg Canelo to fight. Now you’re trying to beg again.”

    After a short bit of time away from social media Lara returned and posted an article from ESPN stating that Martirosyan had turned down the rematch with him and took a couple of shots at Vanes.

    “[You]You turned down the rematch you big nosed tough guy. Stop talking!”

    Lara then continued,” he quit like a bitch! Look at my cut. Did I quit? Vanessa (Vanes) is crazy. Poor girl.”