Brian Vera is ready for Golovkin or Macklin


    Brian Vera joined ‘Tha Boxing Voice Radio Show’ on Thursday and he shared some of his views, as well as possible upcoming fights. A recent fight that Vera had scheduled fell through but when asked what happened Vera didn’t seem too concerned. “I have no idea; I think it was commission or promotional deal. I went to Houston to go train and they sent me back in three weeks saying that something happened with Budweiser, sponsor wise. I’m not going to mess with these small promoters anymore, this kind of stuff happens.” Vera continued, “My manager is getting a lot of calls and we are just trying to stay ready. I train in Houston but I am back in Austin now. If I get a call, I’m going right back to Houston.”

     Most recently Vera fought a rematch with Sergio Mora. Mora thought he did enough to win or at least earn the draw has been complaining about the majority decision.

    Vera, who has already beat Mora before, seemed to expect Mora to complain about the decision. Vera told us “You can knock Sergio Mora out and he still thinks he won the fight. That’s just the way he is. I feel I won, I stayed on top and busy.” Vera went on, “I don’t think he stays busy enough, throws enough shots to beat a guy like me. Most likely he ain’t knocking nobody like me out. He can’t crack an egg.”

    Curiously we asked him who was next on his radar. Vera ambitiously answered “A tune up fight then hoping Matthew Macklin or Gennady Golovkin, I think that would be a good fight. I’ll fight anybody.”

     Gennady Golovkin (24-0) is new to the spotlight. He is a powerful fighter who comes straight forward and wears you down. Vera sounded confident if he lands the fight saying ,”I definitely would not be scared of him. I can punch with a guy like him, he’s not illusive he is going to sit there.” Golovkin has very limited head movement (If any) and Vera thinks he can capitalize on it. Vera also advised us on part of his game plan, “Golovkin hasn’t fought anyone who comes at him and puts pressure on him. If he gets someone to come at him the fight could change.”

    Another name Vera mentioned was Matthew Macklin (29-4) aka Mack the knife. Macklin was winning a fight with Sergio Martinez earlier this year. He scored a knockdown in the seventh but Martinez rallied knocking Macklin down twice and stopping him in the eleventh. In the Martinez-Chavez undercard, Macklin scored a first round knockout over Joachim Alcine. Vera brought up Macklin saying “My manager has been talking Matthew Macklin, maybe. I will fight him too but he moves better and he can punch too. Me and him would be a good fight, make for a lot of action.”

    There are certainly a lot of options open for Vera and all the ones he mentioned would be great fights. He also mentioned he is working on his defense, I just hope it doesn’t take away from his aggressiveness. Here is too hoping he lands either Golovkin or Macklin, as always leave your comments below and you can follow me @lucasbiggers213 on twitter. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to listen to our next radio show on Thursday!


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