Vera-Mora Texas Showdown: Act 2


Brian Vera will once again square off against Sergio Mora on August 11th at the Illusions Theater in San Antonio, Texas as part of a Telefutura broadcast. The fight is a rematch of their February 2011 scrap that took place at the Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas on ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights.” It was the Friday before the Super Bowl, which was being held at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, right down the road from the Convention Center.

The fight between Vera-Mora provided plenty of action the first time around. The fight was, like the rematch, a 10 round affair. Mora (23-2-2) was fighting in spurts, but when he buckled down he was impressive. Vera (20-6) was much more active, though both fighters had enough to out-best the other throughout the fight. Mora was much better in the later rounds, but it truly was a back-and-forth kind of fight. The two fighters gave a very versatile outing, especially considering the performances each man had been putting together at the time of their fight.

They fought on the outside as well as the inside and the fighters used a combination of brute force with skillful aggression. It wasn’t a tough fight to score, but it wasn’t a clear-cut outcome either. The fight boiled down to what kind of performance impressed the individual spectator and even though there were some swing rounds, the fight was consistently fought by both fighters.

In the end, 2 judges scored the fight 96-94 for Vera and the other judge scored it 96-94 for Mora giving Vera the split decision victory.

So now they get to do it again and the fans get to benefit from 2 fighters who put on a great show the first time around and are looking to capitalize off of a victory. Both fighters are coming off victories in their last fight and the clock is ticking for both Vera and Mora to make one last run with the remainder of their careers.

The fight is being promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Leija & Battah Promotions and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate. Tickets range from $23-$103.