Victor Ortiz’ Marketability Maintaining His Career Afloat


    download (1)Many fighters spend their entire lives hoping for an opportunity to showcase their talents under the bright lights. When the opportunity finally arises, not everyone prevails and are forced to spend years trying to reinvigorate their career. Victor Ortiz may be the exception. Ortiz’s career is best described as a rollercoaster ride. At one point he was a fan favorite getting ready to face off against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and now fight fans on social media constantly mock him, labeling him as a quitter. Despite his non-stellar recent performances, he has managed to find himself in another great position to rejuvenate his career; people have credited his fortune due to his marketability.

    Ortiz has been in the limelight outside of the ring in multiple occasions these past couple of years. He has competed in Dancing with the Stars, played a movie role in The Expendables 3, and is rumored to appear in an upcoming boxing film called Southpaw. He has become more of a household name due to his outgoing personality, and exposure in multiple forms of media. When one combines this aspect of his life, and his natural gifts in the ring, he certainly becomes a valuable commodity to a promoter.

    Ortiz is scheduled to make his return under the main event of Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander, against an opponent yet to be announced. If Ortiz manages to get the victory, the next logical step is to get a rematch with Andre Berto, Josesito Lopez, or Luis Collazo. It seems that Ortiz is only two wins away before being in the midst of the top contenders in the welterweight  division, but if he experiences one more setback, it may spell the end of his career once and for all.