982, recently caught up with highly acclaimed trainer and mastermind of Amir Khan’s revival, Virgil Hunter.

    When asked if had noticed any of the similar flaws, that had manifested itself in Khan’s previous defeats and struggles in the recent victory over Carlos Molina, Hunter rejected the notion in a defiant claim. “A fighter is going to get hit in a fight, so why is it that when Amir Khan gets hit, is he’s making a mistake?” he questioned.

    “Amir Khan’s not making a mistake because every now and then he gets hit, I think his mistake is what he does after he gets hurt, not before he gets hurt,” Hunter added.

    “He’s just judged different by a different group of people and I understand that. He’s loved by some, hated by others, so that goes with the territory.”

    Hunter compared Khan to Brandon ‘Bam Bam’ Rios, one of the most exciting fighters in the world and renowned as having one of the best chins in boxing, citing the difference in their public perception.

    “We see some fighters, like one of my favorite fighters, Bam Bam and everybody else, just get battered with shots but nobody ever says he makes a mistake, he just holds up, he’s tough,” said Hunter.

    In contrast to Khans previous trainer, Freddie Roach, Hunter was more bullish in his statements even making reference to Khan’s former stable mate Manny Pacquiao’s recent KO defeat.

    “Manny got hit and didn’t get up, they say he can take a punch right? But the first big punch he took he didn’t get up, he went to sleep.”

    Speculation is, if Danny Garcia defeats Zab Judah the subsequent fight will be a rematch with Amir Khan. When asked what the next step was for Khan in terms of his preference of opponent, Hunter was very relaxed in his response indicating he had no specific plans for Khan.

    “No preference, I’d just like to see Amir stay active.”  He also said he didn’t feel a tune up was essential leading into any potential rematch with Garcia.

    It clear Hunter has great admiration and confidence in Khan. “He’s one of my favorite fighters and i’m down with him, our determination is to have the last laugh, so he’ll be alright.”

    In addition to the World Class training and tutelage Hunter brings to Khan, perhaps it’s his approach and unwavering belief that will aid Khan in reaching his goals.