Virgil Hunter Expects Andre Ward to Return to the Ring Soon


    Andre Ward v Edwin Rodriguez - Media Workout“We expect to see Andre Ward real soon [after] things get ironed out the way they are suppose to be,” said lifelong boxing trainer of Andre Ward, Virgil Hunter, to Fernando Pimentel of Hunter then went on to make a statement that may have many talking for the near future about something Jim Lampley said on a recent HBO telecast stating that through [Ward’s] attorney, he is willing to face Gennady Golovkin at anytime.

    “Andre Ward, that is not his style to send messages through his attorney. He didn’t have anything to do with that statement, Hunter claimed. Hunter remains optimistic about the Golovkin fight occurring , as he views Golovkin as a tremendous talent yet at this present time, it seems their futures are separate rather than the symbiotic relationship the media hopes for.

    Ward is still in legal limbo as an announcement of his return to the ring has been awaited for all of 2014, only for it to not to come to fruition. Hunter maintains that the Ward and Golovkin fight will happen when both fighters are ready and the world is ready so that it can be the big fight it deserves to be. That being said at this point the boxing fan who enjoys the craft of Ward will settle just for Ward being back in the ring as it feel like a distant memory the last time since he fought.