Virgil Hunter “I don’t hear Andre’s name, I hear Cotto’s name, I hear Canelo’s name”


Virgil HunterGennady Golovkin versus Andre Ward seems to be the popular matchup that’s always mentioned on social media. But is a fight like that financially feasible with neither guy being a pay-per-view draw and most likely both commanding multi-million dollar purses. Golovkin is pushing for a Carl Froch fight in the fall while Andre Ward is on the comeback trail of inactivity on June 20th against Paul Smith. So for now, the two seem far apart

Ward’s trainer Virgil Hunter, doesn’t see an interest from Golovkin’s team or HBO.

“I don’t see where HBO is pushing that matchup at all,” Hunter told “I don’t hear Andre’s name only when it comes to economics. I hear Cotto’s name, I hear Canelo’s name. But I don’t hear Andre’s name coming up. I don’t think he’s on their radar at all when it comes to a Gennady fight.”

Hunter feels if it’s about economics, then the fight should definitely be on the table for both sides.

“He would love to fight him,” Hunter said of Ward-Golovkin. “He stated that openly. When the shoe is on the other foot, at this point, they don’t see it financially viable. His minimum dwarfs what Golovkin has ever made. If it’s about economics, you wouldn’t fight Willie Monroe.”

Although his next fight is at a catch-weight of 172, Hunter says the plan is to stay at 168.

“That’s my call to have the fight at 172,” explained Hunter. “When we come back we’re going to go 72 before we go to 68. He wasn’t far of the 72. He took advantage; he didn’t sit around and grope and mope. The guy wasn’t the first choice; he was the only guy that took the fight. He wasn’t our first choice. We went person after person. Just like the champions that don’t want to fight, you can’t expect guys that aren’t champions to fight him but thank God for Paul Smith, he took the fight. When it comes to fighting Andre Ward, there will always be an excuse before an agreement.”