Virgil Hunter Says Amir Khan Will Become an All Time Great


    amir-khanVirgil Hunter, the trainer of Amir Khan made some bold statements during the final press conference yesterday. He feels Amir “King” Khan will soon be the king of the pound for pound lists in the world of boxing overtaking the current king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Hunter told the Daily Mail UK, “Amir is one of our elite boxers. He has just two more levels to ascend. The first is to prove that he is on the way to greatness. I expect him to do that against Alexander. The second is to establish himself as truly great.”

    That greatness according to Hunter will come when Khan goes on and defeats elite fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    “We hope we are arriving at a time where it’s a case of move over Floyd, Amir is here. That is the goal. He is getting close to that point but he has to keep practicing and really want it. If he exhibits those traits then why not? He has the physical ability for sure and if he continues to tie in his mental capacity why not,” explained Hunter.

    Hunter feels Mayweather’s time might be up and it should be the time for Amir Khan.

    “Mayweather has proved that to be recognized as the best and to be the highest earner you don’t have to go out to entertain the fans. In soccer you don’t have to be the one who kicks the ball the hardest and furthest. People admire the player with the most skill, the one who does things with the ball that others cannot. In boxing, that person now is Mayweather. Soon it can be Khan.”