Vitali Klitschko-Bermane Stiverne to Happen


With Bermane Stiverne’s decision victory over hard hitting Chris Arreola, he has earned a shot for a major title and to make his dreams a reality by fighting the man he called out after his fight; Vitali Klitschko.

“There is an official challenger, Bermane Stiverne. The fight will take place. Now it’s necessary to determine the date,” said Klitschko in a recent interview.

Stiverne had a pretty even playing field against Arreola who decided to slug it out but things will be different in the Klitschko fight. Vitali has a size advantage even though their reach is the same and Vitali is a very good technical fighter who fights behind the jab looking to land the big right hand. This is news because there were rumblings of Vitali retiring not so long ago.