Walters: ‘If Jhonny Gonzalez Wants Me, I Am Right Here’


    nicwaltersdec09After his spectacular career defining knockout victory  this past Saturday night over Nonito Donaire, the questions are already coming in about what’s next for WBA Super World  Featherweight Champion Nicholas Walters. “Let me say something to you, I’m a fighter. I train hard and fight hard, but it’s all up to my manager,” Walters said to the media on hand after the fight. Walters now appears to be poised to be a star in the making as he packs one hell of a punch and has a reach comparable to former heavy champion Lennox Lewis.

    One name began to float around the press room after the fight as Walters answered questions, as a journalist blurted out,“How do you think you match up with Jhonny Gonzalez?” Walters’ answer was simple. “How do you think I match up with him? I am the WBA super champion. I match up with anyone. There is always a way to knock guys out, and I always find a way to knock guys out.”

    Walters right now appears to be a dream for promoters looking to make fights in the lower weight classes, given his fan friendly style. Walters, a humble Jamaican, appears ready to return as soon as possible and he says that he is not afraid of anyone in the division. “If my managers say Jhonny Gonzalez, we have no problem fighting Jhonny Gonzalez, I am not here to run, I am not here to hide, I am right here. I am a true fighter,” he claimed. Walters continued, “If you take a fight with mehonnyhave to train hard, because I train hard and I hit hard.”

    When asked if Gonzalez would change his mind after seeing this performance against Donaire, Walters replied, “Why would he change his mind, he is a fighter.”  For Walters, this win is crowning achievement that allows him  to get the fame that he has very much deserved for a while and quite frankly no one was eager to face him which speaks to Donaire’s will and courage as a fighter.

    “I love fighting, and I love tough opponents,” Walters went on to say  with a mindset of facing the toughest opponents possible. With his knockout  power, size, and skill set we may be witnessing a star in the making.