WBO Issues Statement Claiming Carlos Buitrago Was Never It’s 105 Lb. Interim Champion


    Going into November 30th’s title fight with WBO 105 pound regular champion Merlito Sabillo, Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago was viewed as the interim champion of the same organization looking to unify titles and win his first world title but was Buitrago really the interim champion?

    Francisco Valcarcel who is president of the WBO claims that Buitrago was never the interim champion for the organization.

    “He (Buitrago) has never been the Interim champion,” said Valcarcel. “He was the number one contender because he won a world title eliminator.”

    In July, Buitrago faced and beat Julio Yedras of Mexico in a fight that was put on by Zanfer Promotions for the interim title but Valcarcel claims that is far from the truth.

    “I do not know where they got that from. It was probably the promoter (Zanfer). The event was sold as that and it sold well but I can get the sanction letter which states that the fight was a title eliminator.”

    Silvio Conrado, who handles Buitrago as well as other top Nicaraguan fighters was confused by the WBO’s actions.

    “I do not understand why the WBO refuses to recognize Carlos as their interim world champion,” said Conrado. “I have a contract from Zanfer that says it is for a world title. It was even announced on TV. I have posts from the WBO’s website as well where they have Carlos as their interim world champion. They have claimed him aas the interim champion before but not now and this has annoyed me. The fight with Yedras had three international judges and a supervisor for the WBO. It was organized as a world title fight.”