Weekend Folly: Floyd Mayweather Jr. has Future Corner Man Aspirations, Says he can be “Top Notch Trainer”


It had been months since Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from Clark County Jail  last year and all the while the boxing world was awaiting the expected announcements to come regarding his future in the sport. Week after week went by and we heard nothing but gossip and innuendos, that was until Floyd unleashed a flurry, not unlike his in ring punching style, that was both shocking and course-altering.

So now we know he’ll be fighting Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, we know it’ll be on Showtime PPV, we know he plans on fighting at least another 6 fights total in his career, and now we know he plans on taking a more active role in his Mayweather Promotions Company.

Here we are at the end of the week and the announcements just keep on coming and we’ve learned that Floyd wants to wear even more hats in the boxing world as he demonstrated by cornering one of Mayweather Promotion’s stable fighters J’Leon Love, who is normally trained by Roger Mayweather, but nephew filled in presumably for the same reasons Floyd Sr. will be stepping in for his Son in place of Roger.

Love had some issues in the ring, but Floyd coached his fighter to a unanimous decision victory. It’s difficult to tell how much influence Floyd had on his fighter, but he is regarded as the best fighter pound for pound in the sport and there has to be some parallels. Also, it’s probably a confidence boost for a fighter to see the superstar “Money May” and simultaneously your boss Mr. Mayweather Jr. in the corner between rounds.

So was this a onetime thing or will this become a more common occurrence as Floyd takes a more hands on approach at building his stable up? Well, according to the man himself in a post-fight interview with Showtime’s Brian Kenny, Floyd is all for legitimizing his trainer reputation.

“I like to multitask as far as being a promoter, being a fighter and being a trainer. I think that someday I can be a top notch trainer in the sport, but like I said I can multitask; I eat, sleep, and drink boxing,” Mayweather Jr. said.

Floyd said later that night that he could see himself being very good at it and went as far as to say it runs in his family, referring of course to his Uncle Roger and Father Floyd Sr. He certainly sounded like a trainer as he assessed Love’s performance and even talked a little strategy as far as how he wants to bring his fighter along.

“J’Leon was in a rough fight, we want to be able to deal with the rough and tough fights early in his career,” Mayweather said.