Weekend Wrap: Fonfara, Campillo and Boxings Return to Chicago


Adrian Granados 11-2-2 vs Mark Salser 15-0 welterweight

Granados was giving Salser a boxing lesson up. That was at least until he walked into a old boxing trap. Salser put himself in the corner and baited him in, Granados fell for it and paid dearly by hitting the mat. As Granados made it to his feet he stumbled badly into a corner, I thought for sure it would be stopped and it should have been. Regardless the fight continued and produced fireworks. Refusing to fight his fight and box, Granados continually chose to mix it up and started digging to the body. To my surprise he sent Salser down and then the ref stopped it and Salser went to take a knee

Artur Szpilka 15-0 vs Mike Mollo 20-4-1 heavyweight

US Cellular stadium became thunderously loud as the introductions began, Boxing is officailly back in Chicago. This fight got off to a much slower pace than the first, mainly due to Spzilka sticking to boxing. The crown began a chant in Polish. In the second round Mollo really started putting punches in the bank as he trapped spzilka against the ropes and dug to the body. Mollo introduced Spzilka to the canvas when they traded left hooks in the third round. It would all be for nothing however, as Spzilka lands a humungous left hook and Mollo goes down like a wet noodle. Spzilka, once again knocks out Mollo and puts himself on ESPN top plays of the day. This time in round 5.

Andrzej Fonfara 23-2 vs Gabriel Campillo 22-5-1 light heavyweight

Before the Fonfara fight began I expected a chess match. Early in the fight it appears the Fonfara seems frustrated by the veteran in Campillo. Fonafara tried hard to establish his jab but Campillo easily evaded it with his quick head movement. Campillo is very very sneaky. He will lean down and as soon as Fonfara dropped his gloves, Campillo would shoot in a straight and snap Fonfara’s head back. Fonfara would come on and Campillo would turn him, get him off base and regain control. Late in 8th round Fonfara managed to land a wide hook that stumbled Campillo. Fonfara knowing he hurt Campillo came out like gangbusters in round 9, landing a flurry ending it with a shot to the body. Campiilo didn’t make it to his feet and Fonfara wins by KO.

Kristen Gearhart (debut) vs Amanda Cooper 1-0 Jr welterweight

Gearhart started off actually boxing and using her jab, while Cooper is searching to land a overhand right. Continuing to use her jab to set up some power straights, Cooper came straight forward and ate a lot of punches. Unanimous victory for the 5 time golden glove winner, Gearhart.

Junior Wright 7-0 vs Nick Kisner 12-0-1 cruiserweight

One of the more boring fights of the night. Wright and Kisner laid on each other for 6 rounds. Wright walked away with split decision victory.

I felt privileged to be at this event. There hasn’t been a outdoor boxing event in Chicago in the last 50 years and I’m proud to have been apart of it. As always thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.