Where Does Danny Garcia Go Now That Floyd Mayweather Has Chosen His Opponent?


April and May were both busy months in the boxing world and outcomes from fights left many wondering about potential matchups within the Golden Boy/Mayweather Promotion stable and the possibilities were great.

Danny Garcia was victorious over Zab Judah in April and his name was thrown out there as a possible opponent for Floyd Mayweather. Garcia felt humbled that his name was considered for the Mayweather sweepstakes but no one knew for sure what would happen because of Golden Boy’s plans for their mini 140 pound tournament which we have already seen a couple fights take place. So Garcia had to sit back and wait to see what was to come.

On Wednesday, May 29th Floyd Mayweather announced his opponent. His opponent, Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Mayweather is tied up with what might be the biggest fight  in boxing history.

So where does Garcia go from here? Well he does have a mandatory that is still waiting for his shot at Garcia’s title. Lucas Matthysse is that man. Matthysse is riding high after his biggest career victory over Lamont Peterson this past May 18th. Matthysse stopped Peterson within three rounds announcing that he was more than a hype job and he made a huge impact when he burst onto the scene with his victory.  The fans want the fight but does Garcia? He probably does now that the biggest name that he was chasing is no longer available. The Matthysse fight is a high risk fight and if he is able to win will be an even higher reward for Garcia but Matthysse will be ready, hungry and ready to take Garcia where no fighter has yet to take him. The main question is,” is Danny Garcia ready?”