Whistling Sounds Of The Tijuana Tornado


    The twitter-verse is all a buzz about the rumored return of Antonio Margarito. Although nothing is concrete yet, I for one would love to see him back in the ring. Margarito’s career was cut short but a severe beating he took at the hands of Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao, in which he suffered a broken orbital bone. After that fight he had a rematch with Miguel Cotto. Cotto targeted his bad eye and got the ref to stop it, which was too bad because Margarito had his best round against Cotto before the stoppage

    Daniel Ponce De Leon has recently opened a new gym and guess who has been seen hanging around there? You got it Antonio Margarito, so there may be some truth to this comeback rumor. Despite the fact he was caught cheating, he is always entertaining to watch. If he does comeback I would really love to see a rubber match with him and Cotto. The boxing world is getting excited as we hear the whistling wind of the Tijuana Tornado in the distance.