Why Gabriel Rosado Deserves a Shot at ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

    Canelo Alvarez is looking for an opponent and Gabriel Rosado is worthy

    If Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez returns in December, The best possible opponent for him is top jr. middleweight contender Gabriel Rosado. In almost everyone’s eyes besides Canelo’s handlers, Rosado is a much better opponent than the rumored Marcos Maidana. Certainly i agree and here’s why

    Reason #1

    There are no available top ten 154 pounders other then Rosado. Floyd Mayweather Jr is the only one that can dictate when he will fight and Canelo having been rumored to fight on December 8th or 15th and on Showtime because Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez happens on December 8th on HBO.


    We all know Floyd fights on Pay per view and on HBO. Miguel Cotto is the #2 Jr middleweight and he’s facing the undefeated # 10 and WBA Champion Austin Trout December 1st. Canelo is the #3 so we will move on. Numbers 4 and 5 Erislandy Lara and Vanes Martirosyan will do battle in an elimination fight with the winner earning a mandatory shot at the belt held by titleholder Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.


    #6 on the list is Carlos Molina who is deserving after arguably beating the #4 Lara in fight that was deemed a draw, and unexpectedly beating James Kirkland in their fight until Molina’s corner man jumped in the ring during a count that was being done to Molina after going down to the canvas from a Kirkland right hand which resulted in a disqualification for Molina. Molina’s biggest drawback is he’s mostly unknown and can make any fighter look bad; something that I’m sure Golden Boy does not want to happen to Canelo. That and the fact that he holds more than a MMA grappling match.


    #7 James Kirkland recently filed a lawsuit to break his promotional agreement with Golden Boy. The legal issues would have to be resolved to make this fight possible. #8 Cornelius Bundrage is rumored to be fighting Andre Berto November 24th. # Alfredo Angulo will be taking on a tune up as his comeback fight after 9 months in a immigration detention facility against Raul Casarez November 10th. “Every body’s pretty much busy right now and I’m a legit 54 pounder if Canelo wants to fight a legit 54 pounder then I’m right here and I’m available,” explained Rosado.


    Reason #2

    This is one of the most important reasons of its SELLABLE classic Mexican vs. Puerto Rican. Nothing stirs the emotions in fans like a match-up where the winner or should I say the winners; the fans have bragging rights. Match-up’s like these will forever go down in the history books of boxing: Giovani Segura KO 8 Ivan Calderon I, Jorge Arce KO 12 Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, Felix Trinidad KO 4 Yory Boy Campas, Antonio Margarito KO 11 Miguel Cotto I, Salvador Sanchez KO 8 Wilfredo Gomez, Antonio Avelar KO 8 Wilfredo Vazquez Sr., and Felix Trinidad MD 12 Oscar De la Hoya.


    The significance of this rivalry dates back all most as long as boxing been around. A win for either man would add depth to their résumé, clearly for Rosado it would be a key ingredient in solidifying him as a star in the sport.


    Reason #3

    Most times big fights don’t happen because promoters can’t reach an agreement for numerous reasons. That wouldn’t be the case in this fight because Rosado isn’t signed to any promoter making the situation by far a smoother one when going to the negotiating table. “I’m all about what makes sense I am a business man and I’m smart about my business, so if  it makes sense I’m all for it, if it doesn’t make sense, I’m good staying a free agent, I’ve been doing good by myself and with my team, we’ve gotten to be the mandatory for the IBF champion.”


    I’ve made my point, Rosado at the very least needs to begin having his name mentioned, he’s fighting solid guys that are natural 154 pounders. I challenge you the reader to check everyone in that division record. If it was a bad decision made by judges or a disqualification, a draw it could even be going life and death with Ouma or getting dropped by Saul Roman, the point is anyone’s record can be tossed under the magnifying glass, once it is the truth comes out and the truth about Golden Boy and ‘Canelo’ will come out if they choose to fight another smaller man in Marcos Maidana as its been rumored. 


    “If he fights Maidana, which is the buzz, you know Maidana just fought Soto-Karass and Karass gave him a run for his money, almost even knocked out Maidana, and I crushed Soto-Karass, it was a one-sided fight and I just overpowered him. So I think people are just starting to know who I am. I think it’s a fight that would sell because you have two young fighters. I’m Puerto Rican, he’s Mexican and at the end of the day we all know that the biggest rivalry in boxing is Puerto Rico and Mexico. I think that can sell. And then he can fight and I can fight, we both have knockout power, so I think the fight is a fight that can sell,” explained Rosado.


    If it was only that simple.


    ALL HAIL THE KING - Gabriel Rosado Past 3 TKO & KO Fight Highlights
    ALL HAIL THE KING – Gabriel Rosado Past 3 TKO & KO Fight Highlights


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