Wilfredo Vazquez Jr Feels He Can Do Much Better In A Donaire Rematch


    Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. entered this sport with no amateur background. Instead he entered it with just a love for the sport and determination to do right by his family. He says he’s a young man that’s ambitious but they call him crazy because he wants to fight the best fighters. He also feels that in his heart of hearts, that he’s going to surprise those very same people because he feels that he’s going to get in the ring with one of those superstars, and win a world title from them.

    After his last victory against Jonathan Oquendo this past October, he made it clear that he either wants a fight with Juan Manuel Lopez or Nonito Donaire. Of course the Juanma Lopez fight is a no brainer if they could ever decide on the weight. However, some of us scratched out heads when he wanted the Donaire rematch being that Donaire won convincingly, even if Vazquez accounted for himself well.

    Vazquez was a guest on ThaBoxingVoice.com radio show and explained to us exactly why he feels he should get another crack at the Filipino star.

    “When I confronted (Jorge) Arce, I lacked experience and that’s why I lost. When I faced Donaire, I gained a little bit of experience with Arce, but not enough to beat a guy like Donaire. I went 12 rounds with Donaire and I didn’t quit on my stool. I feel I deserve a rematch because I’m the only fighter to make Donaire’s face look the way it was. Think about it like this, if I was able to land those shots on Donaire’s face with the lack of experience that I had, I have a much better chance. Now that I’ve been in with Donaire, I know what he brings to the ring and if I train properly, I know the way he fights now, and I know the outcome would be different in my favor,” Vazquez told ThaBoxingVoice.com

    One can commend a boxer for trying to avenge a loss on his record. Even if Donaire has his sights set on bigger fights with guys like Abner Mares, Guillermo Rigondeaux, and even a plan to move up featherweight might be in the works.  To Vazquez, it doesn’t much matter because he’s willing to work his way to another shot.

    “I don’t want to be known as living of my dad’s name. I’m not here to benefit from boxing but learn from it. It’s all a learning experience, the good and the bad. Because I’ve only lost two fights and didn’t have an amateur background, I didn’t take many punches. But I’m willing to continue to take shots if I have too; to prove to the world my heart and will to become a world champion and land a shot against one of these superstars like Donaire.”

    The 122 lb division is one of boxing’s best. Donaire isn’t the only champion in that division and isn’t the only name in the division. When posed the question about fighting a guy like Guillermo Rigondeaux or Vic Darchinyan to possibly earn a shot with the big names in the division, Vazquez responded by stating, “I want to fight anyone, the stronger the person is, the work is harder, and the motivation is stronger. I’ll fight either Rigondeaux or Darchinyan but I have to be an honest man, the WBO has been the organization has believed in me the most. I have to go and see if it’s ok with themto fight for another organization’s title or fight someone outside their rankings.  If it’s ok, than fine let’s make it happen. They (WBO) were the ones that allowed the world to know who WV2 was and they’re the ones that gave me a chance to win their title.”


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