Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. Responds To JuanMa: I Want To Hit Your Monkey Face


    The rivalry between Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Juan Manuel Lopez continues to get more and more heated each time either one of them opens their mouth.

    Juan Manuel Lopez recently stated that he is in fact worth more than Vasquez (http://thaboxingvoice.cogito24.com/juan-manuel-lopez-on-wilfredo-vasquez-jr-i-am-worth-more-than-he-is/17519 ) and Vazquez has wasted no time issuing a statement to JuanMa.

    “I came to tell you personally, without any promoters. Without Tutino Zabala, Without Top Rank and without that piece of shit PR Best Boxing that is cheap, I personally came to tell Juan Manuel Lopez, brother I am ready for you,” said Vazquez.

    “I want to fight you because I want to hurt you. I want to make you hurt. Don’t be a coward. Let’s make the fight. You want to fight at 130 pounds then I will fight you at 130 pounds. 160 pounds if you want. You know I want to put on 8 oz. gloves and hit your monkey face. You know that you are obsolete. You came to hurt boxing and embarrass Puerto Rican people and you know why? Because a champion does not sell his career for money and not for materialistic things of this world. A champion dies in the ring and does not do the crap that you do. You are a shitty boxer. Are you listening to me? You are shitty boxer and I am ready to face you. Be a man. We are going to sign for the fight and I will fight you for free and only to have the pleasure of putting on 8 oz. gloves break your jaw.”

    Vazquez continued,”Listen to what I am telling you now. There are 12 rounds. I am going to hit you for 11 rounds until I get tired. 11 rounds! Until I get tired and then in the 12th I am going to break you. You know why? Because I am not going to let you bribe the referee. The referee will stop the fight because of betting the cry baby will yell. You are a coward, a girl. You are nothing and have demonstrated to the world that you fight fighters were it is easy for you to win and fighters who are at the end of their career like Jonathan Oquendo because at his peak Jonathan would fuck you and knock you out.”