Will Gamboa’s Chin Hold Up At 135 Pounds?


    Yuriorkis Gamboa is a skilled boxer with amazing speed and great power. The guy is exciting to watch but what is there that is missing to make him a superstar? There is a language barrier but it has been proven in the past that language isn’t that big of a barrier in the world of boxing. Maybe it is his lack of defense. Gamboa has gone down several times in his career, mainly from being off balance but in his last fight Gamboa seemed to be somewhat hurt when he went down in the 9th round.

    On June 8th Gamboa will make his 135 pound debut when he faces off against Darley Pérez from Colombia. Pérez is an undefeated fighter who will face his greatest rival in Gamboa but at the higher weight. One could speculate that Gamboa will be the real fighter that is going to be tested that night. Gamboa has gone down on several occasions but will we see him down and out or will he continue to rise to the occasion, get a victory and move on to bigger and better fights.