Will Rosinsky: “I’ll Beat Em’, Then Treat Em’

    Who is Will Rosinsky? He plans to show us Saturday Night

    Boxing is a sport that welcomes people from different countries and all walks of life. Whether it’d be amateur or professionally, every boxer has a story and a reason they chose to participate in the sweet science. Enter in Will Rosinsky. A full-time EMT member of the Fire Department of New York; he calls the sweet science a hobby and something he does for fun.

    When hearing that for the first time, most people wouldn’t give Rosinsky a shot in hell at beating the former middleweight champion of the world and boxing star, Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik this Saturday night on HBO’s Boxing After Dark. However, once you get a moment to speak to him and analyze his situation, your mind might change.

    “I do this for fun and that’s what makes it easier for me. I know I have a full time job so I don’t worry too much about fights like most boxers,” Rosinsky told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    How is someone who works a full time job as an EMT still able to compete at a high level in the ring? Rosinsky explains, “Like boxing, it’s all about not doing too much to get burned out. In New York, you can’t control the volume of work.  But the main thing is not bringing your job home with you. You have to separate work, home, and boxing. If you do that, you can be great at all 3.”

    While the ideology is simple to say, it’s harder to accomplish. But Rosinsky is a gym rat. When he’s not training for a fight, he does his strength and conditioning and boxing work in the morning, heads to his scheduled 2pm-10pm shift as an EMT, than ends his night with a nice run, before heading home to his family.

    If he has a fight scheduled, then he really turns it up. He does the 5-8 week long training camps like “full-time” boxers do. He does his road work, strength and conditioning in the mornings, and in the afternoons or nights he does his boxing. One might ask: how can one with a full time job have time for all this? Rosinsky works hard enough as an EMT to gain overtime when he’s not scheduled for a fight. Instead of taking the money earned, he uses it as flex time to earn days off. While most guys on the job use it to go on vacation, Rosinsky uses it to sweat and take punches in training.

    In fact, Rosinsky has been more of a full-time boxer than EMT worker the last few weeks. For his last fight against Aaron Pryor Jr, on June 14th, he had a full 8 weight training camp. Before that fight, he had a 5 week training camp against Zane Marks. Now he jumps right back into the thick of things this Saturday against Pavlik. If you do the math since February, Rosinsky would have had about 16 weeks or 4 months of this year training. Those numbers might cause someone to think that he may be a bit over trained.  Rosinsky however doesn’t seem too worried.  “It’s all about making this a lifestyle and not coming into the gym for short camps. I took the needed rest between and during camps, certain days you need to stay home, let your muscles recover. I’m usually close to my fighting weight so I don’t have to shed pounds like others. Those guys that kill themselves to make weight are the ones that over train,” stated Rosinsky.

    This fight this Saturday night will be a little over 3 weeks since his last fight against Pryor. Rosinsky isn’t worried about the short turn around since he wasn’t in a war with Pryor, and he left that fight pretty unscathed. So when he got the phone call that he would be fighting on HBO, he was ready but thought the phone call was unrealistic. “I thought it was a joke,” laughed Rosinsky. “It’s funny, because I told my manager that I wanted Kelly Pavlik next.  So when I got the phone call, I thought he was being funny but when I found it was the real deal, I knew in my head, I would be ready to fulfill a dream of mine fighting on HBO.”

    While he may be fulfilling a dream to fight on HBO, not many are giving him a shot to pull of the massive upset. Some odds makers have him as a 6-1 underdog Saturday night. This bout by many is seen as a showcase for Kelly Pavlik, to bigger and better things for him. Rosinsky loves that and says, “It actually makes me happy. It’s a blessing in disguise. They can look past me all they want, but 3 or 4 rounds into that fight, they’re going to realize the type of challenge they are in for.” Rosinsky has even stated that he would retire Kelly, should he win. “My reasoning behind that is this; Kelly’s at a crossroads. Beat Will Rosinsky and get a title shot, or lose to Will Rosinsky and retire, because I’m not going to get nothing out of this. When I beat him, in his eyes I’m such a small piece of the puzzle up the way to the top, Kelly’s going to say; if I can’t beat this kid, I can’t beat the big guys. I said that because he’s not going to get pass me. “

    While one can appreciate the honesty and confidence of Rosinsky, there has to be a reason behind his confidence. Rosinsky sees flaws in the former middleweight champion of the world. “He’s not as fast as he was; he tires out quickly because he gains a lot of weight between fights, from what I hear. He’s not a gym rat like me. He’s still got power but that’s not what it used to be and in his fight with Sigmon, it showed. He hit this kid flush and couldn’t knock him out. No disrespect to Sigmon, but I’m not Sigmon and I have better movement and footwork than him. I’m ready mentally and physically and I guarantee I’m winning this fight,” Rosinsky said with full confidence.

    Rosinsky isn’t worried about the Rodriguez fight or the judges

    The judging in boxing has been shaky at best recently and that was evident when, last year, Rosinsky took on Edwin “La Bomba” Rodriguez. In what seemed to be a very close fight, the judges called a wide decision for Rodriguez, not giving Rosinsky a single round. “I learned I have to fight all 3 minutes of every round,” stated Rosinsky. “I gave some close rounds away which I won’t do against Pavlik or against anyone. I was inexperienced and learned from it.”

    He may have learned from those mistakes but if he doesn’t knock out Pavlik, the judges will make that decision. As the B-side of the fight and it being a Top Rank Card (Pavlik’s promoter), Will says, “At the end of the day, It’s a risk I have to take. This fight is airing worldwide so if I win the fight and get robbed, the world will know who won. It’s about fighting and I’m not going to sit here and be a 30-0 fighter fighting bums. I can’t worry about bullsh*t decisions, I just have to fight my fight. I’m ready for 10 and if the knockout is there, I’ll go for it. If not, it’s out of my hands with the judges. Even if it’s not satisfying, if I win and don’t get the decision, the public will know who the real winner was.”

    As A fulltime EMT worker, should he win Saturday night, it would be a massive upset and will lead to more lucrative fights. Rosinsky still loves his job and probably still be there should he win. At the same time, he will still love the boxing he calls fun and even came up with a slogan for the two; “I’ll beat em’, than treat em.” He wore a shirt at media day that said, “Who is Will Rosinsky”. Should he win Saturday night, the world will know who Rosisnky is.

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