Winner and Losers



Krzysztof GlowackiThe week that was in boxing brought us a possible fight of the year, upset of the year, and the round of the year.

Biggest Winner-Krzysztof Glowacki: During the media workouts for his showdown with Marco Huck, Glowacki told me that he wanted to have his Tomasz Adamek moment in the Prudential Center in front of the large Polish contingent supporting him. Adamek was a staple in the arena and would draw upwards of 10,000 or more in the arena in his heyday.

Not many believed Glowacki because of his thin resume. But he left me with a quote worth mentioning. “I can only beat who is in front of me and if I would have fought a world champion, I’d be a world champion.”

He had a world champion in front of him in Marco Huck. They two put on a fantastic prize fight with round 6 possibly being a round of the year contender. Glowacki rose from the canvas in round 6 to fight on and knockout Huck in the 11th to punctuate the upset of the year thus far. He got his Adamek moment with the large polish contingent going insane as they have a new world champion.

Can we really say Huck was a loser? I think a rematch would be the best thing for both fighters. I know this was supposed to be Huck’s coming out party in the United States and he it didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to but who would oblige to a part 2? In round 6 when Glowacki was dropped, Huck may have been a victim of a slow count. The intrigue is there so let’s see what happens.

Biggest Loser-Roy Jones Jr.: For many reasons it was a bad weekend for Jones. Jones was in attendance at the Huck fight because there were mentions of Huck-Jones happening down the line. Not sure what Huck’s plans are but losing his title certainly doesn’t help the ability to sell a mismatch that was Huck-Jones to any network. Not to mention Jones fought last night. Though he got the win, it wasn’t anything impressive as he knocked out another no name fighter. best bitcoin sports betting

Let Down: That’s what the main event of Antonio Tarver and Steve Cunningham was on Spike TV. Granted it was hard to follow the war that was Huck-Glowacki but it was a sight to see 5800 Polish fans go quiet moments after they were loud and raucous at the fight before. Not sure where either guy goes from this but the result of a split draw was correct for the way the fight played out. Neither guy deserved to win.