Woman Pleads Guilty To Carless Driving In 2011 Death Of Pro Boxer Jonathan Adnre


    The woman charged in the Edmonton, Alberta street racing (Dangerous Driving) death of Jonathan Andre pled guilty on November 27th to a lesser charge of Careless Driving. On November 29th she was convicted of Careless Driving and was given a $2000.00 fine and a 3 month driving suspension. This past May the 16 year old driver of the other speeding vehicle pled guilty to Dangerous Driving and was given a 1 year probation and a licence suspension.

    Andre was a promising boxing prospect from Fort McPherson, Alberta who was killed while out on a training run in June, 2011 in Edmonton.

    At the time of his death Andre had a record of 2 wins with no loses and 1 knockout.