Yusaf Mack Retires from Boxing


    untitledYusaf Mack’s 14 year boxing career came to a close this Saturday night in North Bergen, NJ. After a 6 round bout with Cory Cummings of Newark, NJ where he was stunned in the 1st round and took plenty of shots to the head throughout the bout, Mack told TheBoxingVoice.com, “I got caught with too many shots, I’m done. I’m done.”

    Mack had had a workman like career where he has fought some of the best fighters in the sport like Carl Froch, Tavoris Cloud, and Glen Johnson. Mack has won regional titles but never quite getting to the top of the mountain and winning world titles.

    A dejected Mack said, “In my prime, a guy like that wouldn’t last with me.”

    Mack ends his boxing career on a 4 fight losing streak with a record of 31(17KO’s)-8-2), but the proud Philadelphia fighter said just making it and just fighting was worthy enough to him of a successful career.

    To conclude he wanted to thank everyone in Philadelphia who supported him but as he said, “I won my belts, I had my time but I’m done.