Zab Judah Predicts ‘Devastation’ For The Garcia’s Come April 27th


    This past weekend while everyone was getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday, ThaBoxingVoice radio show went live early to sneak in some big names such as Martin Murray and Eddie Hearn. However, when our 3rd guest canceled, we were able to replace him with a surprise 30 minute interview with Danny Garcia’s April 27th opponent, ‘Super’ Zab Judah. He was then able to give some good funny quotes, as well as shed some insight on his feelings on Danny, Angel, what fans feel about him and what he plans to do for his fight on April 27th.

    We 1st asked Zab if he felt Garcia didn’t have a true injury, which postponed their February 9th fight, Zab said, “I couldn’t say yay or nay, but 1st it was his thumb, than it was his ribs, kind of like that song my neck, my back.” We then asked about how he feels about the people who don’t believe in him anymore, what does he plan to do to convince them, Zab responded, “Everyone going to have their opinion, but everyone just going to have to wait till April 27th to see the outcome. I’m not here to change people’s minds, I’m here to destroy and take the title from Danny Garcia.” We then asked him if it was in the back of Zab’s mind that Garcia hasn’t faced a southpaw fighter since his amateur days, Zab stated, “Styles makes fights, just because you’re good with Microsoft, doesn’t mean you’re good with Apple.”

    We then asked Judah that even though he will come into this fight as the underdog, if he feels his experience will be the key in this fight. Zab responded, “It’s like a fresh guy coming out of training school trying to take your spot. I’m not saying I’m going to blow him out the water, but he was losing every round of the Amir Khan fight till he caught him and Amir couldn’t pull himself together. I give him respect as a fighter to climb in the ring, put on boxing gloves, and come April 27th, we going to let our hands do the talking. I figured with all the talk that was passed around that we did that Danny Garcia was going to show up February 9th, ready to go to war. I just want him to know if he listening, April 27th, I will be waiting for you.”

    When we moved onto the topic of Angel Garcia and how hard he took him being called a 4 round fighter, Judah responded, “I knocked out Vernon Paris in the 9th  with a 16 punch combination, so how am I a 4 rd fighter? It’s 1 thing to be a fighter and talk about another fighter because you have the opportunity of getting in there and settling that, then it’s another thing to be a fan and stay on the outside and talk to professional boxers the way he did, you don’t do that. Because now I won’t have the opportunity of getting in there and handling my business with Angel Garcia, the only actions I can do is knock his son out and watch him walk in the ring and pick his son up.”

    Next, we moved onto the subject of Kathy Duva, CEO of Main Events Promotions, and we pointed out that a lot of people felt Zab turned his back on her after she helped him build his name back up. Zab then stated, “That was something that could’ve happened, but it’s a business, Kathy Duva is a phenomenal promoter, Super Judah Promotions, gives her a lot of respect and a lot of credit, and I wish her well, but as far as a business aspect things just didn’t iron out the way they should’ve ironed out. There’s no love lost and we’re still good friends, I mean everything is still cool.”

    As we went back to the topic of the fight on April 27th, we asked him if the postponement of the fight will help him in anyway, like giving him an opportunity to work on anything or is this is a bad thing where he or Garcia may over train for the fight. Judah responded, “I don’t know on Danny’s part, but I feel it’s always good to sharpen the blade, even 5 more-10 more minutes of what you got to do and that’s the way we looking at it. People that know me and people that see me know that right now know that I’m in phenomenal, dominate shape. I’m ready to go 12 rounds or more, and come April 27th, I’ll be still the man you guys know I can be.”

    We next talked about Golden Boy trying to make Danny Garcia, “The Barclays” fighter, so we asked, come April 27th, in Brooklyn, what can Danny Garcia do to beat him. “People talk about his left hook, what about my straight right hand? That’s 1 of my key punches too. How you going to make someone the opponent coming into their house? He coming into your home where your family at and saying I’m taking over. You can’t do that, there’s no such thing. He from Philadelphia, I’m from Brooklyn.”

    We then asked Zab if there was anyone besides Amir Khan that Danny has on his resume that would be on his talent level. He replied, “Nobody. We commend him for this situation, thank you, but his time is up now, the king is back, April 27th, I’m a take it. It’s very easy. If Danny wants to bail out on this one, just give the belts up. We don’t want anyone to think this is personal towards Garcia, this could’ve been anyone else out there, and this is about the titles, not Danny Garcia. I’ll give him an ultimatum, you can give up the titles, hand them over, or just get them taken from you, but 1 way or another, they will be gone”, said Judah.

    The best quote to sum up the way Zab Judah feels about Danny Garcia, Angel Garcia, and the fight for April 27th was when he was asked about his prediction for what will happen in Garcia-Judah, come April 27th, in Brooklyn. Zab responded, “Devastation, destruction, leaving Danny Garcia on the floor for Angel Garcia to come and pick him up and after that, let them find their way down Flatbush Avenue, then cross that bridge and down 95, that’s it, back to Philly, have a nice day.” If you wanted this bout to get any more intense than it already has been between the 2 camps, you haven’t seen anything yet. What more can you ask for?


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