Duran-Chavez in 2-round exhibition, what will it settle?

Chavez-and-DuranIn Latin America, there are three sports that are favored in life: soccer (fútbol), baseball and boxing. We are very passionate people when it comes to anything in life and hence you throw boxing in the mix with our hot blood and tempers something good, maybe even great is bound to happen.
Every Latin country has its legends in boxing. The two biggest names out of Latin America (and easily ranked within most “top 20 fighters of all time” lists) to ever lace up a pair of gloves will meet (according to Bob Arum)in the ring for a two-round exhibition on the undercard of Terrence Crawford – Viktor Postal.
Roberto Duran (Panamá) and Julio Cesar Chavez  (México) will put their friendship aside to give the fans a taste of a highly debated who is the greatest Latino fighter, albeit way past when it would have meant so much more.
Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum is having fun with putting the exhibition together. He sees it as a good way to promote the biopic “Hands of Stone.” Both fighters seem to be having fun with it as well.
“I said to Duran, ‘Roberto, it’s an exhibition,’ and he said to me, ‘I will kill Chavez.’ He was being Duran. And Chavez said the same thing to me about Duran. He said, ‘I will beat him up,'” Arum said to ESPN. “I think they were joking, but who the hell knows with these guys?”
It may be all fun and games but when the two fighters with a combined record of 210-22-2, 156 KO’s step in the ring it may be competitive (for what it’s worth). Chavez praises Duran but feels if things get heated in the ring he will go with it.
“I think Duran is the greatest Latino boxer in history but if things get heated during the exhibition I will not hesitate to get into it with Duran.”