Abel Sanchez: ‘Murray Was the Only One Who Would Take the Fight with Golovkin’

    1401827159AS2On February 21, Gennady Golovkin will travel to Monte Carlo, Monaco, where he will take on Martin Murray. Leading up to the fight, ThaBoxingVoice.com had a chance to catch up with Abel Sanchez, trainer of ‘Triple G.’
    Sanchez confirmed that Golovkin will start camp around Christmas to prepare to fight the 32-year old Englishman. While Murray is seen as a decent opponent and arguably a top 5 middleweight, fans are eager to see the the WBA middleweight champion against even bigger names. Sanchez agrees with these fans.
    “He is probably one of the most accomplished middleweights out there. He beat Sergio [Martinez] in the eyes of many and he drew with Sturm. He is definitely not the toughest opponent, but he is the only guy that would take the fight. Unfortunately, some of the other guys are running away from him.”
    ThaBoxingVoice.com asked if it was frustrating for Sanchez and his fighter that they have to wait for the big fights.
    “It is actually not frustrating. We are fighting on HBO for only two years. We know that the time will come. It is just that the public and the writers and all want to see if he is for real. I don’t blame them, I want to see that too. But that is up to the guys that are running from him.”
    While Sanchez stated that he is not frustrated, he concluded the interview with agreeing that Golovkin needs a big win.
    “Of course he needs a big win. All these great fighters in history had a signature win that propelled them into a different hemisphere.”