Abel Sanchez Says Ward wouldn’t Last 12 Rounds with Golovkin


гоThe team of Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and his trainer Able Sanchez are set to be a force for the next era in boxing. Some aren’t convinced yet, others are aware of the magnitude of their potential, but Team Golovkin needs the opportunity to prove it on the biggest stage.

There is no question that Golovkin has skills and that Sanchez has helped him to hone his abilities in a major way. It is scary to think of how effective he’ll truly be against the elite. Sanchez is extremely confident and has been for some time. If his expectations are correct then the boxing world will find out soon enough.

In an interview with Luis Sandoval published on FightHype.com’s YouTube channel, Sanchez made it clear that Golovkin is more than ready for the best in the world and he is just ready for his fighter to fulfill the predictions he made for “GGG’s” career.

“Three years ago I said that nobody from 154lbs to 168lbs will go 12 rounds with Gennady, I say that now,” Sanchez told FightHype’s Sandoval. “Not even Andre Ward would go [12 rounds]. But Andre Ward’s got to call Tom Loeffler, his people have got to call Tom Loeffler, make an offer.

Sanchez has his sights set on Andre Ward and he is considerate of Ward’s accomplishments, but he is challenging Ward to live up to his reputation as one of boxing’s best.

“Andre Ward is supposedly the A fighter. Andre Ward is supposedly the guy that’s calling out Golovkin, why is he calling him out if he’s the A fighter? He should be making an offer, he’s got James Prince and Jay-Z on his side now, they’ve got money. Make an offer then that way the fight will get made. You just keep talking it’s never going to get made.”