Adrien Broner Rejects $40M Offer from Roc Nation Sports


    adrien-broner-jewelryAdrien Broner has reportedly turned down a five year deal worth $40M from Roc Nation Sports, this according to and confirmed by Broner himself after a recent interview with TMZ Sports.

    The interview with TMZ Sports, published on both their YouTube channel and website, was conducted with Broner after he made some discouraging remarks about Jay-Z on Twitter and other social media outlets. Broner was supposedly unhappy about an offer made by Roc Nation Sports and felt that it was too low.

    “They sent the email, Jay-Z didn’t do it literally, but they [sent] the email or whatever and I wasn’t happy with it. The capacity of the contract was $40M for 5 years and that’s just bulls**t,” Broner told TMZ Sports.

    Broner was unhappy, but he took it further than he probably should’ve and without quoting the exact nature of his twitter post, the comments were somewhere along the lines of him asking Jay-Z to perform a crude sexual act on Broner. It was both disgusting and childish, not to mention just a plain bad business practice.

    Broner was asked to address his Twitter comments.

    “It is what it is because at the end of the day I felt disrespected, if you’re going to come to me and tell me I’m going to fight two times a year getting 8 million a year for 5 years straight, you got me f**ked up.”

    Perhaps the only real relevance of this interview was Broner’s claims that he is scheduled to fight four times this year.

    “I’m not old, I’m scheduled to fight four times this year.”

    Broner is known for playing an outlandish, sometimes overly brash character with the similar flamboyance of a Floyd Mayweather Jr., who Broner often refers to as his “big brother.”

    However, Broner took this too far and has done himself a disservice. First, he doesn’t have a real grasp of his own self-worth in the current boxing landscape. After losing to Marcos Maidana in December of 2013, Broner has done little to show he is at a high level, or at least the level deserving of something greater than a five year $40M deal.

    Broner felt disrespected, fine, that is his prerogative, but then he blatantly disrespected one of the most powerful and influential figures in pop culture. With his comments, Broner has crossed the line from playing a silly character to being a dumb businessman.

    Sure, these comments will get him in the headlines for a little bit, probably not as much as he thinks they will, but once the news settles he will have shattered any hopes of doing real business outside his own potential growth.

    Broner, who is managed by the powerful Al Haymon, is by my count the fourth Haymon fighter to turn down a Roc Nation Sports contract. I am no fortuneteller, but I am pretty sure he was turning down any offer because despite what he says, Broner is not in charge of his own career.

    So what kind of number would’ve been fair anyway? Broner is reluctant to share the exact amount, or perhaps subconsciously aware of the ridicule he’d receive if he gave it out publically.

    “I don’t want to shoot no number out there, but like I wanted to tell him, and hopefully this get to him, stop sending your workers to come talk to me. I’m a boss and bosses talk to bosses.”

    Broner claims he is his own boss, which is false. But if he wants to claim to know how bosses behave then he should also be aware of how bosses don’t behave.

    If you’re not convinced that Broner is out of his mind then explain why he’d choose to end the interview with this final word, “Man, f**k Rihanna,” Broner exclaimed after being playfully asked if getting the chance to get close to the pop singer had any influence on his decision.

    Broner claims to be worth more than $40M, but he hasn’t proved it. Fighting four times this year would go a long way in helping him regain some of his lost momentum, but if he plans on fighting inferior opposition for four straight fights in 2015 then it will only further derail his own net worth.