Adrien Broner Responds to Being Called Out By Karim Mayfield


    Adrien_Broner_t750x550“We don’t get tired, we get money baby!!” is the kind of semi-nonsensical bragging that seamlessly erupts from Adrien Broner (29-1, 22 KOs) whenever he opens his mouth, just as it did in this instance as he walked through what appeared to be a shopping center, flanked on the sides and to the rear by men a couple of feet taller than himself as he answered questions from ESnews reporter Elie Seckback.

    Broner beat back any humility that threatened to establish itself in his persona after his first professional loss to Marcos Maidana back in December 2013, by returning to winning ways against both Carlos Molina and Emmanuel Taylor with consecutive points decision victories. Now he is back to his old self, but with no fight officially scheduled for his next outing, other fighters have taken to calling out his name in an attempt to get a lucrative pay-day against a marquee name, Karim Mayfield being one. Broner was decidedly magnanimous in response.

    “Ah man. A lot of people call me out. Listen, this is what I say to him; I just want you to get your career back on track and keep winning. As long as you keep winning I’m ok, I ain’t got nothing against you bro, I don’t care what you say about me. I wanna see you win.”

    Broner takes a lot of flak for the way he chooses to conduct himself in public just as his so-called ‘big brother’ Floyd Mayweather does. So, little bro was asked to comment on the criticism Mayweather has received for spending so much time attending and gambling on other sporting events.

    “Why we mad at a man living his life? It’s just like me. If I wanna go to every club in every city on my off days then that’s what I like to do. If he wants to go to every game or whatever game he decides then that’s his life.”

    Not that we would expect anything but total compliance from Broner regarding Floyd’s extracurricular activities, but he has a point. Of all the things alleged about what Mayweather gets up to in his personal life, gambling seems to be the best of a bad bunch.

    Throughout his time on camera Broner was happy to stop on his way and take pictures with several fans, exchanging pleasantries, and overall coming across as a likable and approachable human being to those in his presence. I would love for this part of his personality to be more apparent whenever I see him because if it was, then I probably would have applauded his bravery for withstanding the thumping he took from Maidana over a year ago, as opposed to relishing seeing his big-mouth get snapped shut like I did.