Adrien Broner Says There Are Big Things Planned for the Future


    Adrien-Broner_2798217Adrien Broner made headlines in Vegas with his full frame that he debuted.  He told’s Luis Sandoval that he is weighing 172 pounds right now which is a stark contrast to the 140 pound version that we are accustomed to seeing on fight night. Sean Zittel of caught up with Broner to reflect upon where he is at.

    “I feel great. My brother just came home and we’re out here,” Broner explained. Broner who was in the midst of explaining the meaning behind the “I can’t breathe” t-shirt, which has grown to reach out to urban America on a larger scale.

    This seemingly deep and meaningful conversation was stopped short as Peter Quillin surprised Broner as well as Zittel, behind the camera as they finished the interview together. Broner summarized it well as he explained the duo are a couple of young guys who are getting money. “What’s in the picture , I am the picture, take a picture, man,” Broner said as Quillin went on to say that only big things were in store for him with Al Haymon in the picture.