Adrien Broner The Problem? Or Molina Problems?




Adrien Broner is scheduled to open up the premiere of boxing on NBC in just about a little more than a months’ time. His opponent will be the fan friendly John Molina Jr, who shouldn’t be taken lightly as he’s proven before that he can be a dangerous foe in the ring.

The fight has all the makings of what can transpire to be a slugfest, something neither man is a stranger too. Broner got his first taste at being pressured when he faced Daniel Ponce de Leon a few years back, but he prevailed and was able to get a win. That wasn’t the case in December of 2013 when he faced Marcos Maidana.

During the fight, Maidana took it to Broner for 12 hard fought rounds, dropping him for the first time in Broner’s career in the 2nd and 8th rounds.

From the way things looked at an early start, Broner seemed lost as Maidana put on an onslaught. Though he later was able to adapt to Maidana’s style, he was still defensively vulnerable to getting chin checked, as was proven later on.

The humiliating loss is something Broner must very well carry on the back of his mind, as he is always quick to note his desire to face Maidana again.

“Listen I tried to fight Maidana on Sunday, after our fight Saturday. I tried to fight him on Sunday. I can’t wait to fight Maidana again, but the guy I have to fight is John Molina, so I’m going to handle my business and worry about my Maidana rematch next.”

Molina, who is coming off two losses, is no Maidana in style, but their power is something they share similarities in. In recent fights, he’s shown adversity and proven why he’s called the gladiator. His style is tailor made to gain losses, but also in return earn some highlight reel victories as was the case with Hank Lundy and Mikey Bey.

Some are quick to dismiss Molina as a threat because Broner is dubbed to be at a much higher level of opposition.

“I take nothing from John Molina, I know he’s rough, tough and as cool as a Cheetos puff, but I’m the man. It’s been said once, but I’m going to say it again, I’m the can man, anybody can get it. John Molina is going to be the one that’s going to have to take this beating March 7th. But like I said it’s nothing personal, he can hang with me March 8th, but up until then he’s definitely the opponent, I’m going to go in there and get my victory.”

Always confident in his ability, but Broner shouldn’t get too confident just yet. Broner, himself has been here before, a fight against a guy who is supposed to be flat footed, too slow, and would not be able to compete against his boxing abilities, as most thought would be the case with Maidana, but as always this is boxing, and one punch drastically turns the tables.

“I just hope John Molina is ready, it’s going to be fun.”