Rigondeaux Excited of Possibility Co-maining Mayweather-Pacquiao


rigondeaux333-300x200“We’re waiting for whatever happens.” That was the sentiment of 122 lb. Unified WBA and WBO World Champion, Guillermo Rigondeaux on ESPN Deportes Golpe y Golpe Podcast when asked about a possible fight with WBC Champion Leo Santa Cruz.

With the news from Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya, coming out this week stating that negotiations have begun for a possible fight with Rigondeaux and Santa Cruz fight. Rigondeaux wanted to let the public know that it’s all on Leo Santa Cruz now.

“We’re waiting for Leo Santa Cruz and his father, the only thing that’s left is to fight,” stated Rigondeaux. I’m a fighter, if we have to go toe to toe, we will. All we’re doing now is waiting. I don’t know what’s going on, no one wants my titles, how is that? No one wants to unify with me. We’re hoping Leo Santa Cruz says yes.”

Rigondeaux feels Santa Cruz is not a champion because he hasn’t been facing top competition and because he doesn’t want to unify and be the real champion in the division.

“Let’s just make the fight,” proclaimed Rigondeaux. “You have to fight with me to be the champion of 122. If you don’t fight with me, you’re not the champion at 122. Let’s go blow for blow. No more talking, forget about your Dad because your Dad is not going to fight, let’s just fight.”

Santa Cruz made news after his fight with Jesus Ruiz that he would fight Rigondeaux for 3 million dollars. Which Rigondeaux’s promoter Boris Arencibia laughed off and said, “We never made him a 3 million dollar offer, he said that. If he wants 3 million if he beats Rigondeaux, we can negotiate that but he has to sign the fight 1st.”

The question was posed to Rigondeaux that if he feels he’s being ducked, why not move up to 126 where the likes of Nicholas Walters, Jhonny Gonzalez and Vasyl Lomachenko now reside. He responded by stating, “I don’t have any problems making 122. So moving up to 126 is fine as long as the other fighters don’t balloon past 136 lbs. I weight 124 lbs. right now.”

Santa Cruz has said in the past that a fight with Rigondeaux would be boring because he would dance and run around the ring all night.

Rigondeaux’s response that was, “That’s what Nonito (Donaire) said, and I told Nonito I would give him a nice punching present. That’s the same thing I’m going to do for him. Let him believe I’m going to run.”

Rigondeaux kept poking fun at Santa Cruz saying he wasn’t a real Mexican fighter.

“Mexicans don’t duck, they don’t take forever to decide, so it’s time for Santa Cruz to decide because right now he’s not a Mexican man, he’s acting like a Mexican women. ‘Que Pinche Guey,’” Rigondeaux kept repeating.

Rigondeaux holds firm that the other two champions in the division Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton want nothing to do with him.

“The only belts I need are the WBC and IBF and I couldn’t unify because both those so called champions don’t want to fight with me,” explained Rigondeaux.

Like I said before, no one wants to be a real champion. I have been to Ireland already and beat Willie Casey (Regarding a Frampton fight in Ireland), it’s up to them. Who wants to fight with me? No one does. Everybody is quiet when my name comes up.”

De La Hoya said the fight may take place in June or July. But there is also a rumor floating out there, that a possible Rigondeaux-Santa Cruz fight may land on the May 2nd date and could co-feature Mayweather-Pacquiao. Rigondeaux feels if that happens, he will steal the show.

“Of course I would like the opportunity; I’d shine bright that night. Every time they give me a chance to shine, I deliver.”