Al Haymon gave Khan approval to fight on HBO, possible sign of change?

Amir khan Marocs MaidanaTo some, it may seem like yesterday that boxing’s cold war was raging on. Golden Boy Promotions had split from working with HBO and moved over yo Showtime while Top Rank Promotions worked exclusively with HBO. Promoters kept everything in house and while they prospered boxing fans suffered from not getting the best available fights out there.
Today, both Golden Boy and Top Rank have a better working relationship and both air fights on HBO leaving Showtime working with other promoters but mainly with the Al Haymon’s stable of fighters (which include many former Golden Boy fighters).
Many in the boxing world assumed that it would be a long time or maybe even never until we see another Haymon fighter fight once again on HBO but with the announcement of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez taking on Amir Khan some progress has been made and from what Khan has to say about returning to HBO it was not that hard.
“[Fighting on HBO again]wasn’t hard, you know,” Khan told .”I have a great team. My team Khan Promotions, my father and everyone look out for me and look out for my best interests and so does Al.  I said to Al ‘this is the fight I want and Oscar got in touch with me and I want the fight.'”
So how did Haymon react to Khan wanting to take a fight against Canelo on HBO? According to Khan, Haymon was all for the fight as long as Khan was confident about the fight. Only then would Haymon give his approval.
“Al was like ‘if you want the fight and you’re confident in the fight I think it’s a great fight for you. So if you want it, go get it.'”
If Haymon gave his approval for Khan then maybe this could be a sign that the unwillingness to work with HBO and other promoters may be easing a bit. Hopefully for the sake of boxing fans.