Alexander-Porter Gets Added To Judah-Malignaggi Card Making it a Quadruple Header


    In a media press conference in Atlantic City, before the Hopkins-Murat card to begin, Showtime exec Stephen Espinoza and Golden Boy Promotions, the two announced back to back non pay-per-view quadruple headers.

    Espinoza first announced the Brooklyn card.

    “It was great year for Show Time, strongest year of boxing in the history of the network, not just for Mayweather, biggest gate, biggest pay-per-view, all time high in Showtime ratings and attendance. Golden Boy is as important in this, we had under the radar amazing fights, largest gate ever in Barclays and Stub Hub, fight of the year in Arakawa-Figueroa, no mismatches, no appearance fights. It was the best fighter the best fights, the meaningful match ups. Richard and I were sitting around talking how we were going to celebrate this momentous year. We came up with a plan that’s a holiday gift to the fans. We took three shows, and turned them back in to back to back double headers in December, 2 biggest back to back fight cards we can remember”

    “At the Barclays, we still have Judah Malignaggi, Alexander-Porter, Lara-Trout, Bika-Dirrell.  You got the battle of Brooklyn and three world title bouts on the undercard. Trout doesn’t get a break and gets Lara.”