Broner-Maidana Off PPV, Heads To San Antonio With Ortiz-Gomez, Santa Cruz-Seda, and Thurman-Soto-Karass


“The big change  is on December 14th, we still have a pay-per-view event but we are changing to regular ShowTime. It’s going to have an all access. It will be Broner-Maidana. Also on the card will be Keith Thurman and Jesus Soto-Karass. Leo Santa Cruz will defend against Cesar Seda. Beibut Shumenov will also be on the card. Victor Ortiz will be taking on Alfonso Gomez. The fight will also take place in San Antonio at the Alamodome, ” explained Stephen Espinoza, the head of Showtime.

A lot has been said as to the reason that Broner-Maidana was the pay-per-view was because the showtime budget was tapped out.

Richard Schaefer says that’s not the case.

“The real hesitation of pay-per-view was the time of the year, any other time of the year, the fight does 200-300k, it was unfortunate scheduling of the calendar,” explained Schaefer

Espinoza confirmed it. “As it relates to money, we were not out of money, well this proves it differently. It’s the best TV fight, I can’t imagine a better live fight. I’m aware of the speculation and the rumors that we were out of money, certainly not the point and this proves it.”

As far as other things, both men said they will be meeting with Canelo to work on his next fight. They are also trying to make a fight between Alfredo Angulo and Carlos Molina. Quadruple headers will likely start at 8pm.