Algieri Could Be Pacquiao’s Toughest Opponent in Recent Years Despite the Odds


    450665-manny-pacquiao-l-from-the-philippines-and-chris-algieri-of-the-u-s-givAs most fight fans already know, Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KO’s) will be making his return to the ring on November 22nd on HBO PPV. He will be facing the current WBO Junior Welterweight Champion Chris Algieri (20-0, 8 KO’s) at the Venetian in Macau China. The fight will be for Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight world title.

    Pacquiao is a clear favorite going into this match-up according to most fans and experts because he is the more proven fighter and has accomplished many great things in the sport of boxing. However, it is my personal opinion that Algieri will win this fight for many reasons. Pacquiao is a beast of the worst kind and has incredible hand and foot speed. He is extremely athletic and fights in an in and out type style and possesses good power. However, it should be noted that Pacquiao is at his best when his opponents press forward where he can make the most out of his in and out style. The moment Pacquiao has to chase an opponent down is when he starts to look human. When Erik Morales fought Pacquiao for the first time back in 2005 he used extremely basic tactics to defeat the Filipino dynamo. Morales looked his best when he threw his jab and circled to Pacquiao’s right. Pacquiao would simply look sloppy and lost when Morales utilized those two things. Ironically, those two things just happen to be Algieri’s bread and butter. Algieri is going to have no problems utilizing his jab and circling to Pacquiao’s right because that’s what he does anyway. Also, we are all very much aware that one of Pacquiao’s best attributes is his speed. Ironically, the best attributes to have in order to neutralize a fighter’s speed is length, timing, and a good jab. Algieri just happen to posses all of those things.

    I also believe that the big moment will not get to Algieri as he has vast fighting experience being a former kickboxing world champion and is already a mature adult in his physical prime at the age of 30. Simply put, I think Algieri possesses the edge in every single area going into this fight, and I have no idea how Pacquiao is going to prevail.