Amanda Serrano on Mrdjenovich: Jelena Got Old Tonight


    There comes a day for every fighter when the tools in their toolbox no longer get the job done. 

    Jelena Mrdjenovich has fought for nearly two decades and has held world titles for the majority of her career. She’s always been an exciting fighter and was always willing to fight with every last breath to the end. Unfortunately, she did not get the chance to do so in her fight with Erica Cruz.

    The fight was stopped due to a cut that was ruled an accidental headbutt. Mrdjenovich was bleeding profusely but if you know her and her past its just part of the game. In 2013, Mrdjenovich had a tremendous gash on her forehead from a headbutt in her third fight with Melissa Hernandez. The official kept getting it checked out and Mrdjenovich fought through it. When Benji Estevez stopped the bout against Cruz you could tell Mrdjenovich felt cheated.

    It was a rough night for sure. Mrdjenovich did not seem her normal self. The speed was not there, she was taking a lot of punishment and her shots were not landing like they used to. 

    Amanda Serrano feels that Jelena’s shelf life as a fighter has come to an end and Mrdjenovich is now “old.”

    “No disrespect,” Tweeted Serrano. “I hope that means goodbye. Jelena got old tonight. Still she was a great champion. No need to allow for these things to continue.”

    As of the time, this was written there has been no word from Mrdjenovich on where she will go from here.

    Serrano hopes to get a shot to unify titles with Cruz.