Amir Khan Says Floyd Fight Still Up In The Air, Says For Him It’s About Opportunity And Not Money


    amir620_1644077aRumors have been circling around the internet for the past month about confirmation of a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan. Those rumors have not been confirmed by either fighter or  the promotional companies and until so is just pure speculation.

    Amir Khan recently caught up to Tha Boxing Voice and spoke about the possible fight and said that some media outlets have confirmed the fight that it is still up in the air.

    “The Mayweather fight is still up in the air,” said Khan. “I’ve left it up to Golden Boy Promotions. You (Tha boxing voice) are the first person to tell me it has been confirmed.. I didn’t know anything about it and if it was confirmed I think it would be all over the world.”

    There are two fighters in the world that roads lead to (depending on which side of the cold war you are on), Floyd Mayweather (Golden Boy Promotions, Showtime) and Manny Pacquiao (Top Rank, HBO). Khan that side would be Floyd Mayweather and with great reason. Floyd is considered the greatest fighter of his generation and after all this time is still on top.

    “It is a fight I would love to have. Floyd is the best out there. You want to face the best out there. You want to see how you do against the best.”

    There are many myths out there about what can and will trouble Floyd in a fight but one of the elements that have not fully been tested on Floyd is speed and that is what Khan has.

    “I’m not flat footed. I may not be heavy handed. I am an explosive fighter with fast hands, fast feet. Quicker than Floyd by far. We all know that. That’d be my key for this fight. Floyd hasn’t faced anyone as quick as me so that’s what I think will be the key to causing big, big problems.”

    Amir Khan has not fought since April when he narrowly escaped with a victory over Julio Diaz and says that the time off has done him well as he has made his body stronger. Should a fight with Mayweather not take place in May that would be okay because it allows Khan more time to improve as a fighter.

    “This break that I have had has done me a world of good. I have had a minicamp in between. I’ve got to work on mistakes that I normally make so I’d be in a great position anyway. God does things for a reason so even though I had this break and if the fight does not happen in May that’s ok because I have become a better fighter and I have been working on things and strengthening my body which I would not have done if I was fighting today.”

    Negotiations are a tool of the trade and Amir Khan does not seem focused on the money issue even though he says he brings more of the world’s population to the table viewer wise. Khan insists that it is opportunity that drives him most. To quote Ric Flair, “to be the man you have to beat the man.”

    “I bring a lot to the table. I bring the Asian market to the table that Mayweather has never hit. Mayweather can go to Asia, no one will know him. If Amir Khan went to Asia, they all know me by Pakistan-India. The population India has is a billion. The population Pakistan has is like half a billion so it’s a big population I hit, a big market I hit. America’s population is 300 million so if I bring a billion people to the table it will build Floyd’s popularity. Floyd wants to be a superstar in the world but look the negotiations are not about the money in this fight. I want the opportunity because I can cause him problems. It has nothing to do with the money.”