Andre Ward“ I don’t know how many times I can say I want to fight him (Golovkin),”


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    Andre Ward made a splasandre wardh to start of the year by announcing he was signing to Roc Nation Sports after months of litigation with his former promoter, Goosen Tutor. Now all he wants to do is get back in the ring.

    “We’re working at it, hopefully March or April,” Ward told “I’m at the light already, the monkey is off my back, happy the fight is over, its growing pains in the sport of boxing but we got through it.”

    Ward signed with Roc Nation because he feels they are the only ones that cane take his career to another level.

    “They’re trying to take it to another level,” explained Ward. “I was curious to see how that first show would go on and it was way above my expectation. Anything that Roc Nation is involved in, they’re going to take pride in.”

    Ward knows at this stage of his career, every fight is big no matter who the opponent is.

    “Every fight is a big fight at this stage of my career,” stated Ward. “No matter who it’s against because if it’s not an A Level guy, it’s a super bowl for my opponent, so I can’t take it light. If it’s an A fight, it’s a super fight. Ever since I won my world, it’s all big fights.”

    Gennady Golovkin is the monster of the middleweight division but has had thoughts of moving up for a big fight. Ward feel he’s raised his hands too many times to get that fight so it’s on Golovkin to make it happen.

    “I don’t know how many more times I can say I want to fight him (Golovkin),” stated Ward. “I just got to keep my head down and keep working. If these guys step up they do. If they don’t they’re going to have to live with not stepping up.”

    Ward feels he shouldn’t have to call guys out because he is the best in his division but feels he might have to in order to get the big names to fight him.

    When you’re at the top of the division, I don’t think you go name calling,” explained Ward. “I may have to soon because if I don’t, they seem to want to do a round-robin without me, we may have to start calling out some names. There are some solid names out there and the notion that there’s no one out there for me to face is not accurate.”