Andre Ward “I think Floyds going to go for the 50-0″


Andre WardAndre Ward was ringside and saw what many others didn’t between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, a competitive fight. Talking with reports, Ward felt the fight was a good one

“I saw a really competitive fight, a great fight, one that lived up to the fight for sure,” Ward said. “You saw Floyd land some good shots. Manny’s very strong and Floyd did what he was supposed to do, his dad thought he was giving away the fight, but you can’t win every fight by a blowout. I think he won the fight down the stretch with a comfortable lead and deserved to win.”

While most complained about the fight’s action and many mainstream media outlets mocked the fight, Ward feels both guys did a good service for the sport of boxing.

“This was the guy that everybody said he ducked,” Ward said about Mayweather fighting Pacquiao.” It was just a timing thing, hats off to everyone involved; this did us a tremendous service for us in boxing.”

Ward like many feels, there’s nothing Mayweather can do to best this performance and tag on to his legacy.

“How do you rebound from this?” Ward said. “ It’d be interesting to see if he fights a farewell fight or fights someone fought. He doesn’t owe us anything. He’s had enough tough fights, enough blood; he doesn’t owe us anything else.”

But being that Mayweather is a competitive fighter, Ward feels he will go for the 50-0 record.

“I think Floyds going to go for the 50-0 and take a break after this fight. I personally think he is, and Floyd is extremely competitive.”

Ward says that once Mayweather leaves, the door is open to being the number one fighter in sport but Ward says right now he’s cool with being number two

“He’s one of the legends. When people say I’m number two behind Floyd, it’s an honor”