Berto “Floyd doesn’t care about being extra exciting, Crazy skill at slowing anybody’s pace down.”


Andre-Berto-AP-640x480After the fight that was Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, it seemed like it was important to get every fighter’s opinions on the matter. It was important because who knows when the next superlight will be upon us when you put the two best fighters of one era in against each other.

Andre Berto, who was kind of a stepping stone for fighters to land the big fight with Mayweather on occasions felt it was Mayweather’s ability to slow the pace down, was the difference.

“Floyd sharp man,” Berto told “It went like I thought it was going to go both ways. I thought Manny was going to come in on his game, throw a lot of punches and pick up the pace and get Floyd off his rhythm. Or Floyd was going to slow the pace down and pick Manny apart, it’s pretty much kind of what happened.”

Berto commends Mayweather for sticking to his game plan, whether it was entertaining or not, he stick to his game plan.

“Floyd doesn’t care about being extra exciting,” Berto said. “He’s going to slow the pace down. Crazy skill at slowing anybody’s pace down.”

What most impressed Berto was the movement and defense especially because many people including Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach felt that Mayweather’s legs were not there anymore.

“Floyd with his defense and his legs and his ability to slow anything down is what impressed me,” Berto said. “He could slow down to his own pace.”

So what does Mayweather do to eclipse the victory? Is there anything else left to prove on his September date or should that be it for Mayweather? Berto feels he should go out on top

“He needs to retire because he doesn’t need to do anything else. He’s the best of our era for sure.”