Andy Vences to Ryan Garcia: Rewatch your fight and sniff some cocaine with Oscar

    “Like I said before if this fight was to happen I would murder KingRy in the boxing ring,” stated Andy Vences via Instagram. “He is one-dimensional and just tries to land something big for the first five rounds, after that he can’t even defend himself. He instead hugs and holds.”
    Vences continued, ” find yourself a new trainer and a new team because you really talk too much shit on the social media and can’t even back it up. You talk shit to every fighter better than you for some clout! You can’t fight on the inside or when convincingly at the elite level. Best believe your career will not last long. Focus on your career before us Top Rank Fighters and your career and put you to sleep! Whether it be myself, Joseph Adorno or Teofimo Lopez we will all end your night in a Flash.”
    Vences then took a shot at Garcia’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya.
    “Rewatch your fight and sniff some cocaine with Oscar to come up with a better game plan…oh wait you can’t even follow one. Time to join dancing with the Estrellas.”
    Julio Garcia